goshawk's cry

deep under snow

the road turns


Modern Haiku (Issue #49.3)



pre-dawn stars...

plumes of breath

from a cattle truck


Acorn (Issue #41)



morning coolness

the meadow holds the shape

of a deer


Presence (Issue #63)

freeing itself

of itself

the thawing stream


Hedgerow (Issue #85)

a spider across the crucifix hunger

Modern Haiku (Issue #49.3)


autumn revealing

the river

Frogpond (Issue #41.1)



moorland edge - 

darkness hardens

to a crow


Presence (Issue #60)



late summer - 

swallows threading

the dark


Heron's Nest (Issue #18.2)



river bridge the distance of my prayer


Frogpond (Issue #39.2 )

dry wind...

shadows in the ribcage

of a foal

Modern Haiku (Issue #49.1)

long afternoon...

the sky trickling

from a tide pool 

Presence (Issue #60)

hotel bible...

an eyelash

in the page crease

Blithe Spirit (Issue #28)

olive harvest - 

a cicada shell blown

deeper into autumn

Bottle Rockets (Issue #36)



quieter now

than before it came

first snow


Frogpond (Issue #36.1)



winter crow

an eyelash

on your pillow


Modern Haiku (Issue #45.1)



a gull drifts

beyond the hill

summer deepens


Blithe Spirit (Issue #24.2)



a wasp caught

in the net curtain

distant thunder


Shamrock (Issue #29)

winter fields

the caw of a crow

breaks in the mist


Asahi Shimbun 



overnight train

a hand-print smears

the moon


Mayfly (Issue #58)



moorland path

the sun mining

foxglove scent


Heron’s Nest (Issue #27.2)



a strand of her hair

clings to the soap

midwinter cold


Cattails (Spring 2015 Issue)



pylon hum

the twitch of fibres

in a horse’s shoulder


Blithe Spirit  (Issue #25.3)



fleeting wind –

the branch reaches after

the sparrow


A Hundred Gourds (Issue #4.4)